Arlo Pro camera is best known for its outstanding features. It is completely wire-free, weather proof with best in class hardware and easy installation process. You can mount it anywhere in your home because of its great design. You can monitor every corner of your place with the simple Arlo pro camera login steps. However, for the Arlo pro 3 camera setup, you need to begin with the login steps by creating Arlo account. Then, you need to proceed to sync the Arlo pro camera to the Arlo base station. Here in this blog, you can learn how to setup Arlo pro camera.

How to Set up Arlo Pro Camera?

Here are some simple steps that one needs to follow to complete the Arlo pro camera setup. Follow the instructions carefully.

Download the Arlo App

You need to download the Arlo app on your mobile device to begin with the Arlo pro 3 camera login steps.

  1. Open the app and click on the ‘New to Arlo’ option.
  2. Select the product you are installing for e.g.- arlo pro 3
  3. Then, the app will recommend you to setup arlo base station.

Arlo Pro Base Station Setup

  1. You can set up arlo base station by plugging the one end of the Ethernet cable into the base station and its other end into the router. Plug the power adapter and press the On-Off button on your base station.
  2. Click ‘Continue’ in the app.
  3. Wait for the base station to power up.  The app will automatically detect your base station.
  4. Choose the ‘Time-Zone’ option.
  5. Hit ‘Save’ option.
  6. Now, give name to your base station.

Create Arlo Netgear Account

For Arlo pro 3 camera setup, it is important to create arlo Netgear account.

  1. You need to provide your email address and password.
  2. Type the required details.
  3. Then, press the ‘Next’ option.

Sync Arlo Pro Camera to Arlo Base Station

Now, it’s time to sync your arlo pro 3 camera to base station. Follow the steps.

  1. Place your Arlo camera within a couple of feet during the Arlo pro camera setup process.
  2. Hit ‘Continue’ in the app.
  3. Inset the batteries in your arlo pro camera.
  4. Press the ‘Sync’ button on the of the base station for 5 seconds.
  5. Press the ‘Sync’ button on the arlo camera.
  6. The devices will connect with each other press ‘Continue’ in the app.
  7. You need to click ‘Finish’ option.
  8. You can click on ‘Add more devices’ if you want to add more arlo camera to the base station.

Now, these were the steps that you need to follow for the Arlo pro camera setup. In case, you face issues during Arlo pro 3 camera login process, you can ask our experts to troubleshoot the issue for you. You can reach to them by dialing our toll-free number.